Proso sourcing

For us, sourcing includes purchasing products and services under the best possible conditions.

Our sourcing is mainly aimed at China and is carried out for our customers, partners and our own distribution.

We have our own employees in China with long experience in the production process and quality control.

Shanghai is the center of our activities in China.

Our sourcing areas

Industrial products
Plastic components, aluminum products, miscellaneous building materials, consumables operation, consumables marketing

Bicycle bags, leisure and sports bags, backpacks, exercise equipment etc

T-shirts, singlets, sweaters, caps, hats, jackets etc.

Quality Control (QC)
We ensure that their production / products maintain the quality they expect. The item is followed until it is packed and shipped.

Knowledge of China
We organize factory visits, study trips, lectures on China, pre-qualification of factories, etc.

Forecast, order confirmation, disposal / component ordering, updated shipping information.

Audit changes, control
We offer quality assurance that software updates, "label" changes, product changes, etc. at your existing suppliers are performed as you expect.

Product and manufacturing projects
Design, development, specification and production of products you need and / or already have but want to develop.

Here, the primary focus is on industrial products with significant volume (container).

Concept development

Long experience from sales and marketing work combined with the experience of establishing and operating different businesses has enabled us to see opportunities for developing existing and new business concepts.

We often see opportunities our clients are not aware of themselves and do not know how they can be realized. As our customer portfolio shows, our expertise is versatile.

Our focus is always on improvement in order to increase value creation for our clients.

Company development

Conculting is based on continuity. There is often talk of developing and changing both the management and the employees of the company. It will therefore take time to incorporate significant and sustained changes and attitudes.

Conculting for whom?
The counseling is tailored to companies that need help getting on the offensive in a daily life where running a complex organization takes over.

We have extensive experience in consulting in the following areas

Market plan, advertising, media plan and measurement.

Culture, personnel, structure, security, motivation and conflicts.

Sales training, waste management and measurement.

Governance, anchoring and realism.

Vision, goals, planning and management.

Control, orderliness, continuity and routines.

Customer contact, internal and external.